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Our consultants diagnose your environment to prepare the project according to your business needs. We integrate systems and optimize implementations.


We design your service system with customized flows, teams and permissions. All designed to meet the needs of your team and with an operational environment in a few days.


We will work together to set up the structure, workflows and type of automation that will provide the best support for your business objectives.


We will help you make the most of OTRS. Our training options will keep you updated on OTRS best practices and new features.



Mobile Development

Service Up creates applications for startups and companies, always using solutions that provide innovation and simplicity, helping our customers to develop ideas and build big businesses.

ITSM Consulting

ITIL suggests an efficient model for the management of Information Technology services. With ITSM consultancy we offer the best practices used for the management of high quality technology services, with the creation of a service catalog, design and suggestion of processes and management of service solutions.

OTRS Implementation and Support

A Service Up product, OTRS in Box develops and integrates solutions for the OTRS tool.

We offer complete and managed packages in the cloud, we provide consulting, development, customizations, processes and technical support services, delivering an environment tailored to the structure of your business.

Monitoring with Zabbix

We are experts in monitoring with Zabbix, generate information for a strategic view of your operation and simplify management. Transforming indicators into manageable Dashboards, we deliver proactive solutions with real-time alerts for your environment.